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Single-side applied Neoprene Adhesive 299/299F

Yrbest's prioneer neoprene adhesive 299 and 299F can be used in the process of covering platforms and ABS heels, bonding mid-sole and etc. It has the advantance of only needing to apply on one side of material. 
  • 299/299F


In the traditional process of covering platforms and ABS heels, bonding mid-sole and such, it is required to apply neoprene adhesive on both sides of the bonding material while Yrbest innovative 299/299F only needs to be applied on one side of the materials. What’s more, in traditional process of wrapping rope wedge, the materials need to be applied adhesive twice, but with 299, it only needs to applied adhesive once. Compared to other neoprene adhesives, 299/299F has the advantage of saving both time and materials.

Product Number 299 299F


Yellow viscous liquid

Yellow viscous liquid

Viscosity (CPS/25℃)



Solid content(%)



Drying condition(55±5℃)



Shelf life(5~35℃)

6 months

6 months


1. Single-side applied neoprene 299/299F adhesive can be used directly.

2. After cleaning and drying the surface of shoe material (roughing the material if necessary), use brush to apply this adhesive to the surface of the shoe material. Cementing should be evenly and completely.

3. Drying condition: drying in an oven at 55 -65 ° C for 3 to 5 minutes or leave it drying for 10 to 30 minutes in room temperature and then press and bond as soon as possible.


1. Used for Shoe Platform:

Adhesive for shoe platform

2. Used for ABS Heels:

Glue for ABS Heels

Note: While bonding with ABS heel, if the ABS heel is too curvy, it should be applied following the curve instead of bonding the beginning and the end first, then bond in the middle, otherwise, it is easy to stick unevenly.

3. Used for Wrapping Insole

Glue Used for Insole

4. Used for Bonding Insock on Wrapped Insole

Bond Used for insock on wrapped insole

5. Used for Wrapping Rope on Shoe Wedge


Used for Wrapping Rope on Shoe Wedge

(Note: traditionally the rope needs to be coated with adhesive twice)

6. Used for Folding (Folding before stitching, require locating without splitting off)

 Used for Folding


  • When making women shoes, especially high-top shoes, it is necessary to locate the side zipper (or on other location) without splitting off before stitching. 

  • In the meanwhile, the process requires that glue must be applied only on one side.

  • 299/299F can solve this problem very well, and it is currently a leading product in the industry, other products cannot achieve this effect yet.


1. Please test before using any product on a large scale.

2. This product is a chemical product. Please keep it away from children, fire, and water.

3. Store it in a dry and cool place (5~35℃).

4. For more information, please read Material Safety Data Sheet.

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