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Fatory Wholesale Good Quality A465 Staple Glue

Staple glue, also called wire nail glue, it is mainly used for adhesives of steel, aluminum, non-metallic materials, etc. It is suitable for making all kinds of brad nails, N/K/F/J and other wire nails.
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  • A465 / B11

  • Qinglin

A465 staple glue

A465 staple glue

Product Name A465 staple glue
Item NO
Package Size
25L/200L/1000L(customized package is workable)
synthetic rubber, resin, solvent...etc.
transparent or custom color(the dominant colors are black,gold and cyan.)

                                            Product Features

High efficiency metal wire bonding adhesive, good quality and environmental-friendly
Good comprehensive performance, strong adhesion
Good quality raw materials
Used for various pneumatic nails, such as threaded nails, brad nails, F nails, N nails...etc.
Suitable for bonding metal sheets and wires
Long lasting time
Suitable for various environments, can be used in the environment of temperature -15ºC-40ºC
Good fluidity, good bonding effect, small odor
Various items can be choose
A glue is used for bonding wires during the production. It is characterized by good initial and final adhesion, high penetration, aging resistance, and good climate adaptability.

Glue B's main function is to cure and quickly shaped the staples. It is characterized by quick drying, increasing gloss and making the product more shiny.

Color glue can be customized according to requirements. The main function is to change the original metal color of the wires to realize the diversity of product colors.

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