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New Design Bulk Sale Sbs Contact Adhesive Ecofriendly Contact Spray Adhesive

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  • P-303

  • Dinghao

Product Name spray adhesive /spray glue/sofa adhesive
Item NO
light yellow liquid
Package Size
18L/25L/200L/1000L(package can be customized)
synthetic rubber, resin, solvent...etc.

85±5 cps(25ºC)


                                                                         Product Features

Low odor,environmental-friendly, strong adhesion
Large spray area, low penetration, strong viscosity
Using environmental-friendly solvents, green and environmental-friendly
Simple operation, improve work efficiency
has excellent aging resistance and excellent performance in various harsh environments
Long lasting, giving the product a longer use time
High temperature resistance, stable performance in high temperature environment during production, transportation and use
Low density, large volume for the same weight, larger spraying area for the same weight,can save glue
Suitable for bonding all kinds of sponge, leather, cloth, paper, wood and other materials
strong initial and final adhesion, ensure the bonding effect
Using environmental-friendly solvents and advanced formulas, it overcomes the strong and irritating odor of traditional products, with less odor and no pungency.

Soft furniture spray adhesive is a type of adhesive specially designed for soft furniture, which has the characteristics of fast drying, strong adhesion, good heat resistance, and does not affect the breathability of soft furniture. Its spraying method can accurately control the amount of adhesive used, thereby controlling costs.

The method of using adhesive for soft furniture is very convenient. Firstly, clean the area that needs to be glued, and then spray an appropriate amount of adhesive as needed. Wait for the adhesive to completely dry, and then firmly bond the two parts that need to be glued until they come into full contact to complete the bonding.

In short, soft furniture spray adhesive is a convenient, practical, and cost-effective adhesive, which is a rare good helper for soft furniture production. If you need to adhesive soft furniture, you may try using soft furniture spray, as it will give you unexpected surprises.

1. Application Scenario: Sofa Manufacturing

Description: Spray adhesive is extensively used in the manufacturing process of sofas. It is applied to securely bond different layers of foam, fabric, and other materials together. The adhesive is sprayed evenly onto the foam surface, providing a strong and durable bond. This ensures that the sofa retains its shape and structural integrity over time. The spray adhesive dries quickly, allowing for efficient production and assembly of high-quality sofas.

2. Application Scenario: Mattress Production

Description: Spray adhesive plays a crucial role in the production of mattresses. It is used to bond various layers of foam, fabric, and other materials that constitute the mattress structure. The adhesive is applied evenly across the foam surface, ensuring a firm and long-lasting bond. This application scenario demands a high-strength adhesive that can withstand the weight and pressure exerted on the mattress. The quick-drying nature of the spray adhesive facilitates efficient production processes, enabling the assembly of comfortable and durable mattresses.


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